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Type Bass Mid/High Full range
Cone drivers Codrive, Hartley   Lowther, AER
Co-Axial   Cabasse Tannoy, Seas, KEF
Flat     Flat, Matshusita

Horns & diff. loading

ALE, Royal Device Unity, R-Heinz Bahnsen
Magnetostatic Magnepan, Apogee BG, Infinity, Raidho SA, Dynasonic
Electret     Stax
Electrostat     Martin Logan, Quad
Air Motion Transformer Tymphany LAT ESS, Preside, Eton  
Ribbon   Kelly, Decca, Raven, Apogee

DIY ribbons

Radialstrahler   MBL  
Ringradiator   Vifa, Scan Speak. JBL  
Piezo   Motorola, Audax  
Plasma   Ionophane, ATR  
Ultrasonic   Carver Carver
Motordriven (rotating drivers) ContraBass, Cyclone, Eminent Techology    
Tactile Clark, Butt Kicker, Crowson Tech.    
Bending Wawe   NXT, Manger Linĉum, Valsh
Extreme Think BIG