MBL - Radialstrahler



 Wolfgang Meletzky formed MBL AkustikgerŠte GmbH more than 20 years ago. The Radialstrahler has only the voice coil in common with traditional transducers. The lamelloid transmitter parts are grouped in a column, and forced to vibrate.

The lamellae are made of flexible transducer strips - and depending on the frequency range made of metallally or carbonfiber. The lamellae for the woofer are made of an aluminum/magnesium alloy. Additionally they are coated on the inside with special materials to get a sandwich construction,

In order for the speaker to handle peak power of 2200 W, they use a highly effective cooling system in the voice coils. You could say, that with a typical sensitivity around 81 dB/1W this is absolutely necessary.

The bigger MBL system are 4-way with a 12" dynamic sub-woofer taking care of frequencies below 80 Hz.

MBL also manufacures ultra high end amplifiers, CD-players and DACs.