Normally a Ring Radiator is a HF driver used in most PA speakers. JBL, Altec, Beyma, Coral, Fostex  - yes all the well known brands have very efficient ring radiators for the very high frequency range. Only a few will be mentioned as they are all very similar.

Another kind of Ring Radiator was first seen a few years ago when Vifa created a variation of the dome - which the named "Ring Radiator". Recently Scan Speak has announced their high end version of the same speaker.

JBL2405H "Slot" UHF Transducer



The 2405H features a unique combination of extended frequency response, high efficiency and wide dispersion.

140E x 40E dispersion at 10 kHz, 40 watts continuous program power handling. 8 ohm impedance, 6.5 kHz to 21.5 kHz frequency range, 44 mm (1 3/4 in) edgewound aluminum voice coil, 105 dB sensitivity, 1 W@ 1 m (3.3 ft)


VIFA XT25TG30-04



1" tweeter, Dual concentric diaphragm (Patent), Wave-guide center plug (Patent), copper-clad aluwire


VifaRR_xt25tg30.jpg (9111 byte)
Scan Speak R2904/700000


The new Scan Speak R2904/7000 is a 1" ring radiator, featuring, SD-2 neodymium motor, non resonant aluminium chamber, multiple chamber low compression design, machined aluminium faceplate and phase plug.

SS_r2904_700000.jpg (9766 byte)SSdraw_r2904_700000.gif (12424 byte)
 It is a 4 ohm driver with a very high 95 dB/1W sensitivity and an upper frequency limit above 40 kHz. 

This driver has now been given free for the DIY market. Price is high - around 3.000 DKR (approx. 400 US dollars) a piece.