My digital sources
My Accuphase DP-77 does everyting much better than the old Electrocompaniet EMC-1. Unfortunately I could say, because after having experienced this, I simply had to buy it.

As a bonus it also plays SACD, but the main reason to buy the DP-77 is the way it plays CD's. Forget about the "cheap" SACD and DVD-Audio players, this one makes ALL your CD's sound like high resolution heaven.

My "old" Electrocompaniet EMC-1 mkII placed in the Audio Magic Hepta rack. Below the CD-player is the Pioneer DV-939A DVD-player
The latest upgrade to the EMC is the "Spider". Here in the metallic blue finish. Comes in a lot of different colours! It basically is a bigger record puck which press down on the entire surface of the CD. Much better than the old one!
Detail of the "suspension". The 20 kgs of the EMC-1 rests on little hardwood platters with a ball bearing inserted between them. These have been made by a friend of mine and the system works out very fine. It give a nice floating feeling to the CD-player.

Underneath the ball-bearings I use the ART-coustic carbonfiber blocks.