My new project - the last recordplayer?   

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The base starts out as 3 pieces of 26 mm solid oak (approx. 1" thick). Each piece is 50 x 40 cm (20" x 16").

The middle piece has been drilled out to accept the extra lead shot damping.

The middle plate has been glued to the bottom plate. Lead shot is poured into 2 of the 12 holes
All the 45 mm holes have been filled with lead shot and laquer to hold them tight.

Next thing to do is sanding of the surface before the top plate is glued on.

Alle three plates are glued together and sanded down. The last finish is waxing which leaves the wood with a fine smooth glowing surface.

The bottom bearing with the heavy magnet has been mounted.

Seen from the botttom. The heavy fixture for the bearing rod with the height adjustment.
The final assembly on my Audio Magic Hepta rack. The deck rests on Feet of Silence from the Swedish company Solid Tech.

The motorsection on the left is made out of a stainless steel sugar bowl. Internally it is damped with Sorbothane as well as lead. At this stage the platter is driven by a piece of magnetic tape. This has now been replaced with a Scheu DC-motor with a string drive.

 This is the way the Monster looks with light from my halogene spots.

On the right my tangential tracking arm with the Benz Ruby.

One more arm will be mounted in the front left corner (My FR64 with the SPU). Finally a new motor section will be made using the Scheu motor which has just arrived.

Fully lighted - the "spot" on the right corner is the cartridge protection, which I forgot to remove before taking the picture.
As of April 2005 there have been some changes. The top platter has been dropped. A new mat - the Haromo Nicer from Clear Audio - has been added as well as a 1.100 g record weight (made in Germany). Here I play with the SME 3012 arm and my SPU Gold. The Tangential Tracker will come back, but need an update, new cables and some tweaking.
July 2008 

Monster with Triplanar Mk VIIi and Transfiguration Orpheus.

DC motor from TW Acoustics.

The Triplanar Mk VIIi close up.
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