My THORENS TD-124    
Orginally the plinth for my Thorens was made from solid mahogany - heavy and wide. The big size to accomodate 2 arms.
Having made my new shelves from ash, the two different kinds of wood clashed. I looked wrong and something had to be done.

Based on the design of my "The Monster" deck a leaddamped design was the result.

Two 40 mm sold asplates were cut. 500 mm wide and 45 mm deep.

The bottom plate has been drilles with sixtyone 25 mm holes. These have been filled with leadshot and topped of with glue to hold them in place.

If you should ever try to do anything like this - then please don't use water based glue! I "The Monster" I uset laquer, and had no problems. The water soakes the wood and make it bend. After glueing the two plates together I had a 2 mm big gap in the back which had to be filled out.
The two plates are glued together. The 4 holes are to fix the TD-124 deck to the plinth.
The plinth has been sanded, and sanded, and ..... go on! At last it's been polished with bees wax and the TD-124 has been lowered into place. It fits, but the speed changer does not work?

Problem was solved. A piece of the mechanics on the bottom touch the plint. A quich cut with the saw and the problem was solved.

The internal parts of the TD-124. On the left the motorpulley - the rubber belt to the fly wheel with the steps for 16, 33, 45 and 78 RPM. Note the magnetic brake used for speed adjustment! Then the rubber wheel that drives the 5 kg platter on the inside rim.

In the middle the bearing well.

The speed selector. Used for allmost 50 years but you can still se the serial no. 56767.
Finished and in place. The arm is a Fidelity Reseach FR 64s. The cartridge a SPU Gold. On the left is a Decca Vand den Hul.

The plinth is placed on the flexible "Feet of Silence" from Swedish Solid Tech.

Total weight is approx. 25 kgs.

A closer look .... and yes the music flow as well as it has done for allmos 50 years. The record is Stacey Kent / Let yourself go.
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