The Tantalizer

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Midrange and top

Midrange and top has been through quite a few changes. The final decision fell on the PHL 3451 Midrange and the Aurum Cantus G1 ribbon. Both high sensitivity systems with more than 100 dB/1Watt.

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PHL 3451 frequency plot. This is a CLIO file converted to the NetCalc file which I use for calculation of the X-over. The plot is a gated frequency sweep at approx. 1 meter distance. The sensitivity is approximated as the microphone has not been calibrated.

The small peak at 350 Hz may be some cavity resonance on the back of the baffle.

Midrange baffle has been covered with 3 layers of cork - totalling 12 mm. Cut out to fit the PHL midrange.
The cork covered baffle with cut-out for the Aurum Cantus ribbon.
The leather is glued on.
The leather is fastened on the back side of the bafle
A trial mount - everything fits nicely.
A view from the side. The top corner of the leather covering as well as the top plate not yet finished.
A closer look at the new DIY ribbon. Still in it's prototype stage but working quite OK. I have tried a few stepup-transformers but still remain to find the right compromise between load and sensitivity. The first one gave 1,5 ohm and well over 100 dB/1W, but the new one I made recently is more than 10 ohms and approx 92 dB/1W.

Another thinner 4u ribbon will be tried, The one I use now is 9 u.


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