The Tantalizer

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One time dipoles = forever dipoles!

My first dipole-system used eight 8" woofers. This new system is physically smaller but has a larger Sd using six 12" woofers per side. I tried something new with the folding and abadonded the "H" and "W" form - this is more like a "U". Time will tell if this is a good idea.


My new bigger dipoles are called "the Tantalizer". This one use 12 Peerles SWR 315. With 12" woofers I get a bigger SD, and lower Fs than the eight 8" woofers I used in the older "Delta".

The dipole will be something quite new. The picture shows how they will be made with 6 woofers in each speaker. 2 front, and 2 on each side.
Preliminary set up - how big will they be when finished?

Holes for the 6 woofers have been cut and a thick acrylic plate has been mounted for the the connectors. At the top the connection for the mid and high frequency - 4 WBT's for bi-wiring as well as a SpeakOn connector.

Below these the SpeakOn for the woofer system.

The woofers are mounted one one side. Note the special cupped spikes.
A look through one of the wooferholes - 4 woofers have been mounted.
This is what you see looking into the woofersystem from the back of the speaker. An impressive motor-system and a total Sd of more than 3.000 squarecm.
First set-up - only one system "finished". A primitive baffle has been been made for the PHL midrange (yes it is a 10" midrange!).

Below are the two ribbon drivers. The left one working is the Greek Dynasonic PL-160. On the right the prototype of my own ribbon speaker. It works quite all-right, but the sensitivity is much too low to match the 101 dB/1W PHL's.

The low range is impressive, but at the same time much different from my old dipoles. Measurements with my CLIO systems remains and then a lot of tweaking of the Behringer digital XO.

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