Accuphase A60 - Class A amplifier
My new "small" amp, which think it is big! And that is how it sounds.

The new Accuphase A60 class A amplifier is "only" 2 x 60 Watts. Measurements show more than 100 Watts each channel 8/ohm.
What's much more important is the transparency, delicacy, sheer pleasure and musicality. This must be experienced to be believed.

The A60 in a sunny spot creates a lot of heat.

Eloquence PSE 300 B - 15 W power amplifiers

My 300 B PSE amps. are based on the Audio Note Kegon, but built as mono amps with VERY large power supplies. Actually there are 9 separate power supplies in each amp.  Se circuits below. Each amp weighs 29 kg (55 lbs).


Double C-core power transformers. Siemens rectifiers and Sprague, BHC as well as Black Gate and Audio Note paper in oil copper caps. Double choke power supply for the input stages. Single choke for the output (total 400 uF/Black Gate 550 V). The picture shows the input tube E88CC with tubedamper as well as Pearl tubecooler. The 5687 on the right is the drivertube fitted with the Pear cooler as well.

On the right you see the three Black Gate 47+47 uF/550V caps.

The amps have been modifiied several times since they were built back in 1994. The output tubes are now 4300 B Golden Dragon.

         Eloquence circuit and powersupply. Click Thumb-nails for full size.
For my big dipole woofers I use a Bang & Olufsen 2 x 250 Watt ICEpower amplifier.
It's back! - Accuphase E-202

My first "real" hifi amp was the Accuphase E-202 which I bought back ind 1975. Now I got it again - not the same amp, but another one. It is simply amazing and very nostalgic again touching all those shining knobs and feel the special Accuphase way things are done. The speaker connection is a pain in the butt, but remember this amp was made a long time before the cable-market was invented.

The sound is big and warm - not neutral by todays standards - but very soft and easy on the ear. The top adds some warmt and the midrange is easily stressed. I wonder if the 25 years old capacitiors in the PSU are bad?

Anyway it's a lot of amp for 1.300 DKR (160 US$). Especially when you think about todays plastic "toy-amplifiers". This one weighs 20 kgs (39 lbs).



My E-202 on top of the center-speaker. The little box on the top is a Lundahl MC step-up transformer.

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