The arms on my decks.

Above - the DV 507 mk II on the left (Ortofon Rondo Bronce cartridge). On the right the Triplanar MK VIIi with Transfiguration Orpheus cartridge.
In my experience a better arm can give you an amazing improvement. Unfortunately the better of them are really expensive. The same can be said about the good cartridges.
But in som instances it will be better to invest your money in a really good arm and buy a more reasonably prices cartridge. 
Above:  The Pro-ject 10CC carbon fiber arm - a really good arm at a fair price.
The very sturdy and controlled Dynavector DV 507 mk II arm. The bi-axial construction makes this arm stand out in design as well as sound. Here with the Benz Ebony H in a Yamamoto Ebony house.
My Triplanar MK Vi is normally fitted with the Transfiguration Orpheus cartridge. A killer combination with lots of resolution, space, air and especially micro dynamics.    


Above my copy of the Schroeder Ref. arm - the inner silvercable is from Morch. Still no armlift, but this is a problem that can be solved. Anyway this is a tricky and very clever construction - and a bit difficult to get working.

On the left a Technics SP 10 mk II (note the extra platter, which brings the total platter weight up to 10 kg/22 lbs). The right arm is a Fidelity Research FR 64s with the Ortofon SPU Gold cartridge. In the back the Rega RB 700 arm

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