Solid ash big rack system

My new DIY rack is really heavy! 40 mm solid ash plates and steel rods to hold it all together. Without anything in the rack it weighs in at approx. 140 kg (300 lbs)!

Se how I made it - you can do it as well!


I use a lot of different types of decoupling. Here on the right are ball types from Eben as well at ART Limited Edtion carbon fiber blocks.

I also use the swedish manufactured SD-feet as well as Solid Techs Feet of Silence (FOS).


Your mains supply i polluted!  This is a fact, and that is why mainsfilters will be a nice tweak. Anyway sometime you get more than you wanted - typically you will experience a softening of the sound and a dynamic compression. The sound will be less interesting but cleaner.

The best and typically most expensive filter will not have these faults. One of the better is THOR from Nordost, which I use now. Other examples are the best product form DeZorel and the active ExactPower EP15.

Nordost THOR power distribution system



Copenhagen Transformers

Back in the 90'ies Copenhagen Transformers made a small mains filter which were considered among the best on the market. Unfortunately the company folded, but I have one of these now rare filters.

Opening up the box it is quite easy to se how it is made. On the right you can see the circuit. If you decide to make your own - please note 230V/AC mains is leathal! If you have newer made anything electronic DIY before, leave it to somone more experienced!!!

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Cables - Do they really make a difference?  

Cables are without doubt the most debated topic on the news-groups. No matter how often or for how many hours we discuss this matter, nothing can be concluded.

Although some may have "proven" that cables don't make a difference my ears tellsl me something quite different.


My former reference - Synergistic Research Signature Ten X-series speaker cables w. active screening, now sustituted by.......: 

My new cables are from Jorma Design - a new Swedish cable brand made by Jorma Koski. These very expensive cables use the Bybee Quantum Purifiers and a large amount of very thin ultra pure copper conductors and teflon isolation. The result is outstanding and for sure the best cables I have ever experienced.

Visit the Jorma site here:


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But cables can be too expensive. The most crazy thing is the young guy buing a 300 UD$ CD-player and the salesman tells him that he has to buy a 300 US$ cable as well. A better solution may have been to advice him buing a 500 US$ CD-player and a 100 US$ cable.
ABOVE (from left)
Renaissance Audio speaker cable and phonocable
Argento silver signal cables - phono and balanced,
Straight Wire balanced
Archos Audio phono - silver w. foamed polyethylene.
Mains cables - myth or fact?

The following text comes from a very interesting article. You can read it all here

"Mainstream AES-school engineers have ridiculed "audiophile" power cords for many years, but EMI emission from solid-state-rectifier power supplies is no joke. It's hard to identify on a scope (the trace just looks a little thicker), but a wideband spectrum analyzer clearly displays the comb spectra created by the switching devices. The fancy power cords may be doing their greatest benefit by partially shielding the dirty power supplies from other solid-state equipment and CD players."







My preferred mains cable is the Analysis Plus Power Oval. The internal construction reveals the special oval conductors with a thin teflon membrane inside.

ABOVE (from top)
Mains cables - DIY screened
JPC 2.5 from Sweden
Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler "Classic" and Synergistic Research Reference AC Master Coupler w. active screening

Active screening. How does Synergistic Research do it? Here you see how the balanced cables are made and my guess on how they do the non-balanced cables.

Speakercables and mainscables must be something like this too - your guess is as good as mine.

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The brand new toprange from Jorma - The Jorma Prime. Insane expensive cables, but they will do wonders for the sound. More like an active part of your system, than a cable.