Links - Denmark
HIGHfidelity - Danish only
My firend Jens - (the really special  Equilibrium speakers). Now in English as well as Danish
HiFi-link - the best Danish link collection
Dion - Another Danish builder of real
dipoles (site in Danish and English)
Audiohagel - Tubes, hornspeakers and other kinds of crazy stuff
Links - Rest of the world
LDSG - Loudspeaker Design Guide - a must for all DIY loudspeaker designers
The Subwoofer DIY-page
Euphonia Audio Forum - high end forum in Sweden/Swedish
Timbre - likes Accuphase, tubes and Sonus Faber!  All in Swedish but some REALLY nice pictures


DIY turntable gallery - a fine collection and links to other turntable builders. Allmost anything you thougth you knew about analog play-back