My cartridges


A few of my cartridges. Benz Ebony H, An old Decca Van den Hul, Adcom Van den Hul and my Ortofon SPU Gold.
Transfiguration Orpheus

My present reference. Espensive but a master of dynmics and detail. Music breaths and has the correct power and sence of details without exaggeration.

A closer look at the Orpheus - Boron cantilever and PA solid diamond stylus.
Benz Ebony H - the high output MC version of the top model Benz LP.

Som say it is the very best high output MC. The sound has body and weight. Rond and a bit warm compared to the above Orpheus.

Benz Ebony with Fritz Gyger stylus. Very low moving mass due to the mounting on the very tip of the boron cantilever.
Ortofon Rondo Bronze. Very clean and neutral. A killer cartridge at a fair price.

Lacs a little in warmth and tends to sound too dry and clean in the top. Must be paired with a warmer sounding MC/RIAA amp.

A very clear allmost see through Fritz Gyger diamond on the Rondo Bronze.
Ortofon SPU Gold  
Ortofon MC 200 "Concorde"  
Mörch DaCapo - made by ScanTech in Japan. A low output MC cartridge.
Ortofon Windfeld - the new top of the line cartridge from Danish Ortofon. Tight and controll are the first two things that come to mind. Very high resolution as well a smoothnes you have to experience to believe.

A top cartridge.

The double polished Replicant stylus. It is very clean and has a tendensy not to pickup dust from the grooves.
Van den Hul Condor - a little lacking in macro dynamics in the set up I heard ist. But oh my what a musical, round and warm sounding cartridge. Notthing to disturb you form enjoying the music.A wide soundstage and lots of resolution.

Only problem ... I think the Transfiguration Orpheus is better!

Shelter Harmony. The best midrange ever! and a very weighty bottom (allmost too much). A real top range cartridge.