My new preamp have no name yet. I thought about "The Collector", but thinking it over it does a lot more than that.

Basically this is an 8 input stereo switcher with passive volume control through the Sowter transformers.
The mecanical job is always the most difficult. Anyway that is how I see it!

Herr the back of the preamp. As it can be seen there is a completr dual-mono layout of the 2 main-channels. The 6 "surround" channels will run down through the center of the box (NLE 17 with ganged attenuators). PSU will be external and only for the relays and the 6 surround-channels, as the main stereo runs passive through Sowter volume control transformers.

In the bottom of the picture the 28 relays for the volumecontrol of one channel.

To control all the switching as well as the remote I contacted Mikkel from Dantimax (e-mail: I'm no good when it comes to constructing digital circuits, but Mikkel is.

He made the electronics which will controll the 2 x 28 relays for the volume control as well as 2 x 8 relays for the inputs. On top of this there is 3 more relay-outputs for mute, mono and display off.

All functions can be controlled by remote and each input can be configured with a level setting to compensate for output differnces.