A few pictures from High End in Munic - May 2005

Another great speaker from Italy. The Nebula form Evantus Audio. The box has been made by the "layer method". I'not quite sure how to describe it, but look at the next picture.

This speaker use Scan Speak ring radiator and 4" and 11" Eton drivers. IMHO the sound was among top 5 at the exhibition, driven by 100% Italian electronics from Audia Flight.

Here is a smaller model from Eventus Audio, and you can see how the box has been constructed by several layers of MDF.

The over the top "killer monster" player from Clear Audi. Called the Statement it certainly looked like that. Approx 1.000 lbs of recordplayer with a price to match. Note the new long arm from Clear Audio.

A closer look at the Statement

A piece of audio jewelry from TEAC. Just to look at it make the music sing in my ears.

Small amps from Germany. The kolibri really is small - note the pen, which is of normal size.

A dream of a pre-amp. The Lyra Connoiseur. Anywy most of us just have to dream, unless you have lots and lots of mony.
And yes this was a real "HIGH end" exhibition - I will be there again next year..