My DIY solid ash rack - august 2005


It all started out with an offer I could not refuse. The local "Silvan"

market had solid ash plates on offer. These big plates are made for

kitchetables, but had something else in mind......

Home from the market with 150 kg (320 lbs) of 40 mm thick (1,5") ash plates. All cut to size and with some spare plates to be used at another time (... new speakers???).

There are 4 plates 150 cm x 62 cm and a lot of smaller end pieces 6 cm wide and 63 cm long.

Now there is only a lot of work to be done.

A closer look shows how thick these plates are - the CD is Elaine Elias / Somethin' Else - Elaine Elias sings Jobim.

The end pieces have been glued and screwed to the big plate - the length is now 162 cm  Then a lot of polishing and sanding, and sanding, and sanding, and .....
Untill finally the corners are nice smooth and round. Then a fine layer of bees wax is added....  
A trial set-up. The distance between the 3 finished plates are made by a set of small speakers and big books. The CD is Elaine Elias (agin) and the mains cable is the new Brahma from Nord Ost.

Some drawings of how I planned the assembly of the 4 plates (click thumbnails for bigger pictures):


Steel tubes for the mounting - 4 sets of each length -  and the 16 mm rods.

Bottom right shows the 3 mm steel plates that will hide the assembly on the topplate. The magnets on the far right will be glued to the plates to fix them in the right place.


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