How much is 1.000 dB?

This article was originally published in the Danish HIGHfidelity back in 1995.
Now I have rewritten it and translated it into English (or something very close to English!).  And YES!  I do know a SPL of 1.000 dB is impossible. When you have read the article you will know too!


Wooden arms are popular. This one is straight out of the kitchen drawer. Please note the base is using af Check beer bottle - empty! Certainly a one of a kind arm.

           This is how men get their power ...!

The perfect amp?











Infinity has newer been my brand of speakers, but this certainly looks very interesting!

May be I should ask my girlfriend to make a similar picture of my own speakers?

On the right:  A diamond ear ring to my taste. Could be described as a perfecly musical Dynavector ear ring.
What this nice little cutie does for the speaker I do not know. (But either she is very small or the speaker is bigger than I think).

If you go for this option, you got to find her twin to make the other one look just as fine ... oh, sorry sound just like the other speaker.


On the rigt a new kind of record cleaner. Cleans both side at the same time. Best for Virgin Records.




What?  A killer player and no correction for off center holes.

No good - give me the good old Nakamichi Dragon.

Speakers for kids!


Have a little fun - get a fine robot that plays music.

Why does all speaker have these boring black or brown fronts?(apart form those one above).
English brand Leema acoustics ( has made something really special.

Note the real "tweeters" in the top - two of them! And even a few butterflies have been put in, not that they make a lot of  noise. This may be the speakers your wife is dreaming about.

"click" picture on the right for a larger one.

Who said HOT AMP?

Next time you go camping bring your Pass Amp and a very long mains cable!

Super high end Toaster from Mark Levinson. With over- and undersampling.  1.000 VA super powersupply. You have never tasted toast like this!
Lastest from Mark Levinson. The Boom Box to impress your friends. Will play anything everywhere.
Put on Rolling Stones and get a rock-hard beef. Put on Bethoven or Bach and your roast will taste like the 7th heaven.
Why wast all that good power. Put it to good use with the Krell Class A Power Blower. Will allso remove old paint, nails, wallpaper, noisy neighbours and small pets!.
The ultimate dust-buster - and it will play your old records too.
The martians have landed. Oh no it's a German Transrotor turntable. Please remember to adjust the downforce to the gravity of the moon!


One of a kind - just this set at only 360.000 US$
Music in the eye!