The classics - Garrad 301 and 401

Platter worn by time - not nice!
After cleaning and tw layers of black paint. This picture has been changed to a much lighter version to see the pattern. Believe me - it is really black!
And the finished platter after polishing all the "dots" and 2 layers of laquer.  
15 pieces of Finnish birch plywood - for one giant plinth or 2 smaller.
The bottom and the second layer are glued together. Note that the cut out has been changet to fit only the necessary parts.
After gluing leadshot is applyed.
Layers 3 and 4 are glued in place. Note the cutout in the back for mains wire and tone-arm wire. Don't forget them!
Layer 5 in place and leadshot is applyed to the hole on the right going down into the hole in layer 4. Close to 4 kgs (8 lbs) of leadshot has been used.
Top layer - 6th - in place.
A lot of sanding and polishing. The final finish done by hand.
The first layer of laquer has been applyed. Still wet.
A look from the front - 4 layers of laquer and still wet.
Garrard 301 finished - and then not. Here with the Rega RB-700 arm and Ortofon Rondo Bronze cartridge. The arm is mounted too low 

A 10" or 11" arm will fit much better - my Schröder Ref. copy will be a better choise.

But no ... I bought a new arm ... see below!






My new Pro-ject 10 cc carbon fiber arm. This is a 10" and fits the 301 much better.

The cartridge is now my Benz Ebony H.