Merlin (1998)
Front Cover Actor
Jason Connery Young Merlin
Deborah Moore Nimue
Gareth Thomas Blaze
Graham McTavish Rengal
Paul Curran Kay
Fiona Kempin Princess Leona
Gordon Hall Vidus
John Woodford Gander
Lara Daans Morgana
Chick Allen Blaze's Deputy
Sam Neill Merlin
Helena Bonham Carter Morgan Le Fey
Isabella Rossellini Nimue
Miranda Richardson Queen Mab / Lady Of The Lake
Martin Short Frik
Rutger Hauer Lord Vortigern
John Gielgud King Constant
James Earl Jones Mountain King
Mark Jax King Uther
Movie Details
Genre Family; Fantasy
Director David Winning; Steven Barron
Writer Tom Richards; Christopher A. Roosen
Language English
Running Time 4 hr 0 mins
Country Canada
Color Color
This four-hour fantasy miniseries, elaborating on the Arthurian legend and filmed in England and Wales, offers a portrait of the wizard Merlin (Sam Neill), following his life as a youth (Daniel Brocklebank) to his later conflicts with the evil Queen Mab (Miranda Richardson) and his love for Nimue (Isabella Rossellini), who is kidnapped by Lord Vortigern (Rutger Hauer). Amid battles and displays of magic and mysticism (courtesy of London's Framestore and the Jim Henson Creature Shop), Merlin strides the English countryside encountering Excalibur, the unbreakable sword, and a Camelot cast of colorful characters including the morphing manservant Frik (Martin Short), Morgan le Fey (Helena Bonham Carter), King Arthur (Paul Curran), Lancelot (Jeremy Sheffield), and Guinevere (Lena Heady). Premiered April 26, 1998 on NBC. — Bhob Stewart
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Format DVD
Region Region 1
Release Date 15-07-2002
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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