Despite the improving sound quality from today's better CD-players, there is still a certain
"something" about music from the good old vinyl records.


Analogue reproduktion is still growing more and more popular. You hear about LP's on radio and TV, and cannot open a newspaper
without someone writing about the growing sale of LPs.

In my world LPs have been there since the 60'ies. I never lost the interest and bought collections from friends and colleges. Recently
I have made some heavy investments in my analogue sources, and I think this will continue. Listening to LPs with the very best
equipment money can buy, shows even untrained listeners that CD and digital playback still have at long way to go.

My cartridges (pickups) Transfiguration Orpheus, Benz Ebony H, Ortofon Rondo Bronze, Ortofon SPU, Möch DaCapo, Decca Gold Van den Hul and more.
Cartridges I have tried Shelter Harmony, Shelter 501, Transfiguration Phoenix and Axis, Ortofon Windfeld, Van den Hul Condor and Kolibri, Dynavector 23R and DV10X
Arms Triplanar Mk VII improoved, Dynavector DV 507 mk II, Rega RB 700, Fidelity Research FR64s.
DIY arms Schröder Reference Ebony, Airborne Tangential arm
The "Monster A 60 kg Platine Verdier copy - now with flywheel and TW Acoustics DC motor
Technichs SP10 mk II Technics SP10 in a lead damped solid ash plinth
Thorens TD-124 My old Thorens - now sold.
Garrard 301 and 401 Building solid plywood plints for these classics
Reel to reel tapedecs Revox B77 (modified) and Technics RS1500